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It is a shame!

The man who has worked so hard to try to keep the globalist at bay has to wear one of the cheapest Rolex models.

Alex Jones is forced to wear one of the cheapest Rolexes because the globalist have conspired with the corrupt justice system. His ex-wife was given so much of his money!

Alex Jones wearing the green Submariner Rolex
Alex Jones wearing the green Submariner Rolex. Hunched over like his back is broken.

He scraped together the little money he had left after his ex-wife cashed out her jackpot in the divorce. Alex Jones was down and out. He could only afford the Green Submariner Rolex. This watch has no precious metals and is only made of steel. It retails for only about 12.000 USD.

Alex Jones has set his eyes on a better Rolex

When Alex Jones gets enough money he will get the Rolex President in solid gold with diamonds. This watch will represent him better. His mindset is that of a president. A present day George Washington. This watch is also five times more expensive than his cheap steel Rolex.

The Watches. The old and the new one:
Rolex Hulk
Rolex Day Date

Help fund Alex Jones new Gold Rolex

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alex jones rolex money

He really deserves this watch. Nobody has given up so much in the fight against the globalists as Alex Jones.