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Thank you, we could not do it without you, we are all in this together, you are our biggest hope... picture of Jones and an upside down USA flag

Money Bomb 2023 💣

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Alex Jones now accepts Bitcoin! Bitcoin is the only money that the central bankers are not able to manipulate and this will enable us to keep going if the dollar suddenly collapses.

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alex jones money bomb

Help us survive. We need to fund our war chest so we are able to hire the top lawyers. We are trying to fend off lawsuits from George Soros so we are not shut down.

Our goal is to top previous money bombs. Our goal is 5 million dollars. It costs millions of dollars to run a big media operation. We want to send journalists to events that are happening and not have to rely on other fake media organizations. We want to be on the ground and give you the facts. This donation will allow us to expand our media operation and hire more people.