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Get hired and start working with Alex Jones! Earn a little money while fighting the globalists!

The Work and Colleagues at AlexJones.Info

We work very hard to keep the public informed. Each individual in the crew is hand picked by Alex Jones and they are the best conspiracy analysts in world. There are many roles to fill in the global media operation such as writers and editors. Common to all is that everyone must swear allegiance to the U.S. constitution and the CEO and leader Alex Jones.

Fighting the globalist requires a big dose of gallows humor. In the end it is only so much our crew can do. We are fighting an enemy that has endless amount of fiat money they can pump out into their globalist schemes. To try to lighten the mood Alex Jones has purchased a life-size Donald Trump doll that is available in the office.

Alex Jones life-size Trump doll
The life-size Donald Trump doll Alex Jones keeps in the office for stress relief.

The Candidate

After so many years of Obama undermining the work environment and sending jobs to the third world the labor market is overflowing with people trying to get jobs. As such we have long lines of people trying to get work in our global media operation. This means that we must set the bar very high and only are considering the very best people.

We are looking for somebody that are not afraid to fight the globalist bankers 24/7. We are looking for total dedication around the clock. They may try to pull a false flag in the middle of the night and then our news organization has to be able to cover the news as it is happening.

Our crew are determined to be part of the solution to this challenge. We don't just settle for solutions that work—we seek solutions that work better. If you're the kind of person who sees the possibilities in every challenge, you could be the one we are looking for.

Vacant positions

# Position Work place Application due
1 Office Assistant Austin, Texas ASAP

Office Assistant

The office Assistant is a very important role that helps ensure that everything in the office is running smoothly. The job includes printing out all the news articles Alex Jones has marked as important. Also many daily routines such as blending various supplements that Alex Jones has to drink to stay focused. Your work will include the daily cleaning of the life-size Donald Trump doll we have in the office. It is important that both mouth and bottom orifices of the doll are cleaned thoroughly to avoid spreading disease in the office. Also daily maintenance around the office such as changing light bulbs and taking out the trash.

Perks: As a member of our team you will get access to our in-house developed medicaments such as Super Male Vitality or Super Female Vitality depending on your gender. Each member of the crew get up to three boxes of pills for free per month.

Please note that we are not interested in hiring a bunch of women in burkas. Alex Jones is fed up with that seeing it everywhere he goes in Austin.

Alex Jones using his Trump wax doll