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The Money Lending Show with Millionaire, Moneylender and Gold Investor Jones. The man who bought gold at $250 is bringing down America. picture of Jones and an upside down USA flag

NWO Character gallery. Who's who in the Info War.



Alex Jones: in his own mind he is the George Washington of the 21st century. He is the owner and main host of the Alex Jones show. During the time hosting the radio show he has made many millions of dollars. When he was in highschool he started bodybuilding and after a few years he was buldging with muscles. The bodybuilding scene in Texas during the 90s was overflowing with steriods. Today one can see what influence these bodybuilding years have had in his views. His show is full of advertising for various magic pills and wonder liquids that will cure any type of difuse medical problem. But it does not seem that he is able to stay young by taking his own medicine. Age is starting to take his toll on the old man. He is starting to go bald, he is getting many wrinkles on his forehead and big bags under his eyes.


George Soros: is a top globalist, billionaire and Nazi collaborator. Being a Jewish boy himself did not stop him from collaborating with the Nazi during World War 2 and turning in fellow Jews to the Nazis. In 1973 he became a hedge fund operator starting the Quantum Fund. He became famous when he used inside information he had obtained from the German central bank to sell short the pound on Black Wednesday in 1992. George Soros is the puppet master controlling the left wing politics in the US. He has mastered the game of destabilizing countries by propaganda and funding of radical groups. He is considered to be financing much of the uprising and revolutions happening around the world the last decade.


Adolf Hitler: the dictator of the German Nazi Party during World War 2. He was an artist and a successful author of the book Mein Kampf which has sold more than 10 million copies. During the final moments of the war he escaped to Argentina in a U-boat and lived out his golden years there.


David Knight: A.K.A. David Good Night, he is a bearded grandfather-looking fellow in the Info Wars team. Alex Jones puts him on when he is too lazy to do the show himself and wants to roll around in bed and drink beer all day. He is a dry presenter and often puts people to sleep. He is a salary man and does not have Alex Jones anger.


Barack Obama: A.K.A Barry Soetoro, Barry Obama, Barry Hussein Obamam, Barack Hussein Obama II., Barry Dunham, Barack H. Obama Jr., "Barry". is a character that was born in Mombosa, Kenya. During his childhood in Africa he was brought up as a muslim. At some point he attended Harvard for a few years with unknown academic achievements. During this time he was involved in various comunist and left wing fringe organizations. He was put in as president of the USA in 2009 by George Soros. He is known for using many teleprompters when making speaches. During his presidency he won the Nobel Peace Prize and chaired the UN Security Council. He is a well known face to the public, but many are confused by his many names.


Owen Shroyer: is a light weight, a pretty young face with a boyish charm. He likes music and exercise. Alex Jones is still training him to be a media person. He has a long way to go, but he is cheap and that is what Alex Jones likes.

Roger Stone: A.K.A. Roger Stoned. He is an elderly man with too much time on his hands. He can come on the radio show daily with "inside" information about the backroom deals in the Trump presidential administration. Donald Trump booted Roger Stone out as a political advisor August 2015 very early in his presidential campaign. Alex Jones likes him because he is always available and he does not cost anything to get on and can fill hours of hours of his program.


Donald John Trump: is a braggadocious businessman that skyped in on Alex Jones show during his presidential election campaign. This moment Alex Jones got so starstruck that he flipped from preaching about the left-right paradigm and the rigged political system - to being totally behind Trump as a good Republican. It is a modern bromance. A real love story. Trump and Alex Jones are similar that they are not Jewish themselves, but are part of a jewish family. Which is convenient to be able to say publicly that they are good Christians instead of bad Jews like George Soros.


Paul Joseph Watson: is probably one of the most talented people Alex Jones has managed to mentor in his media organization. He always comes on the show with new info and shining bright red lips. The red lips has caused a lot of speculation and false rumours that he is using lipstick. He has tried many times to adjust the colors on his web camera, but it is not possible to fix.