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Alex Jones wearing a sports jacket
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Article updated 2023

Alex Jones

Alexander Emric Jones, a.k.a. Alex Jones, a.k.a Alexander Emerick Jones (alternative spelling of middle name). He was born February 11, 1974 in Dallas, Texas, USA. He is an American radio/TV/Internet show host and conspiracy analyst.

Height: 5'8" (173 cm.)

Weight: 264 lbs (120 kilo.)

Net Worth 2023

As of 2023, his current net worth is about 6 million dollars.

His divorce made a big dent in his net worth. But we all know that getting a divorce is not cheap. Before his divorce he was worth close to 30 million dollars, now he is saddled with more debt to keep his media empire afloat. And ongoing expenses to his ex-wife and new wife.

Relatives and Background

Alex Jones lineage can be traced back to the early America and his ancestors have been at the forefront against the evil forces for generations. His ancestors came over on the Mayflower. Later generations of his ancestors fought at the Alamo in the Texas Revolution.

His father was a dentist and his mother was a home maker. He was born in Dallas, Texas, and grew up in the Dallas suburb of Rockwall and the city of Austin, Texas. The family relocated to Austin when Alex was a teenager. He was a lineman on his high school's football team and graduated from Anderson High School in Austin in 1993. After high school, Jones briefly attended Austin Community College but dropped out.

Alex Jones has an adopted sister Marleigh Jones who is Korean. She is working for Alex Jones in his news organization.

Children and Wives

Alex Jones has many mouths to feed.

Alex Jones has 3 children with his ex-wife Kelly Jones. Two daughters and one boy. The boy is named is Rex Jones. Alex has been put his son Rex on the show a few times against will of the boy's mother. His ex-wife constantly complained about everything little thing and made his life a living hell. But Alex Jones has now kicked Kelly Jones to the curb and only deals with her through the court system. Though Alex has finally gotten rid of his ex-wife she has taken the children and a big chunk of his money.

In January 2017 Alex Jones once again started out fresh with blank sheets so to speak. Alex Jones did the right thing and married the girl he had knocked up. The good news is that Alex has learned from his mistakes and his fourth child has not yet been seen on the show to sell any sort of baby products yet. The only problem was that when the couple went on their honeymoon the listeners of the show had to suffer through two weeks of David Knight hosting the show.

Erika Wulff

Alex Jones beloved wife Erika Wulff has a BA in History with a focus on International Studies. She loves to travel. She is a world traveler, and she has visited many countries such as Greece, France, Turkey, South Africa, Ecuador, Costa Rica and Belize. She enjoys learning about different cultures, the food, the traditions and history. These interests she has in common with her husband Alex Jones. Her passion is Yoga and music. She also plays a guitar and sing. She has written several songs and have performed with a touring band. Erika likes to take good care of herself. She tries to eat organic when she can. And stay active and get plenty of sleep. After she married a millionaire celebrity radio host that can provide for her and the baby she no longer need to work.

Previous Girlfriends

Alex Jones has had many girlfriends up through the years. It is not difficult to imagine that the raging bull that is Alex Jones is so full of libido. It is really not possible to accurately count them all. And he probably does not know or want to remember all himself. His promiscuity started at a young age. In a court hearing he claimed that he had had 150 sexual partners by the time he was 16 and that he dated many older women that went to college.

All the abortions

When dating all these girls he got many girls pregnant, but he was not ready to be a father. He told the girls to get abortions. He has stated that he regrets this and that he often has nightmares about all these aborted children.

Other Unknown Children

The exact number of children Alex is the father of is probably unbeknownst to even himself. He has stated that he became a father when he was 24, which does not add up with the age of the children he has with his ex-wife.

Religious Beliefs

Alex Jones is a highly religious person. He is a Christian that find great strength in the lord Jesus Christ. He does not put much faith in the mainstream priests and churches because he thinks they are mouth pieces for the government agenda and that they are run by the devil himself. For he is most certainly not a devil worshiper. When it comes to women Alex Jones seems to have some special preference for Jewish women even though he claims he is a Christian himself, but in reality it makes himself pseudo-Jewish.

The fact that he has always tried to stay on the path that God has lead him down is the reason that Alex has been able to survive all these years without the government assassinating him or putting him in jail on some fabricated charges.

Political Views

It is too easy and rudimentary to label Alex Jones a far-right nutjob. Instead, his political ideologies are very complex and nuanced.

Alex is very much against everything what Mr. and Mrs. Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama II stands for. But he is not just against democrats. He also has a disliking for George W. Bush. But Alex Jones really embraced Donald Trump.

Alex is against the idea of the left-right paradigm and thinks the entire political system is flawed and rotten. And when Donald Trump stepped up without being a professional politician Alex could support a republican candidate.

He would not be offended by being described as a libertarian and paleo-conservative. But he does not really buy into modern political labels. He is a real conservative and a real liberal, but the definitions have changed over time. And today those labels do not mean the same as they did 100 years ago. Alex is more a truth seeker and a freedom lover and those concepts are not easily defined within the modern political frameworks.

It is easier to look at the issues he is passionate about to get a sense of his true political views. Such as being against the USA losing is sovereignty and becoming a surveillance police state. And the Federal Reserve printing up dollars to fund wars against made up enemies at home and abroad. And such issues as the big government wanting to forcibly vaccinating people in cahoots with big pharma. Plus all the other globalist schemes that Alex has voiced his concerns about.

Building His Media Empire Brick by Brick

From a very young age Alex was interested in history. He quickly realized that things were not always right. From a young age he never bought into the all the false paradigms in the world.

In 1995-1996, Alex was on access TV in east Austin. He had to go on late at night when there were available slots. He was running it all by himself in a little control room. In 1996, he began hosting his own show called "The Final Edition" on the radio station KJFK-FM in Austin. In 1997, he put out a film called "America Destroyed by Design" that he had to bootstrap using a huge and outdated VHS camera that he was able to borrow. At the time he had another full time job, and he was able to use the editing equipment at the TV studio at 2 am. And having to be at the other job at 7 in the morning. His other jobs at the time was at a golf course and selling memberships at a gym. He was working a total of 40 hours a week at those jobs so it took about a year to complete the documentary film in his spear time. The documentary film was a success, and he was able to make half a million dollars on it. The money he made from the film after tax he reinvested in his media company that he was starting.

In 1999, he started his website infowars.com. This expanded his reach, and he was no longer limited by what the management of the radio stations thought was appropriate to say on air. In this way Alex Jones was a pioneer into the digital grass roots media.

In 2001, his show was syndicated on approximately 100 stations. After the 9/11 attacks a number of stations dropped him after he made claims that it was an inside job that George W. Bush was orchestrating. However, 9/11 was the start of many wars and draconian policies his number of followers and listeners started to grow in the following years.

In the following decades by churning out the news every day and having some interesting guests on the show he was able to slowly grow his audience and business. He also came up with some innovations such as broadcasting the radio show as a TV-show on the Internet.

He also managed to put out a couple of more documentary movies while doing his radio show. Alex also kept his websites filled with the latest news.

He also expanded his facilities adding more space for new studios and more writers and editing people.

To make money he has relied on advertising, donations, selling subscriptions, selling various products, supplements, books and videos. Most of the profits he claims have been put back into his business in order to grow his company.


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